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Re: basilisk-browser

On 18.10.2018 16:29, Reco wrote:
> If only Debian project did something about Firefox privacy settings.
> Let's face it - Mozilla are hypocrites. They loudly 'care about users'
> privacy', but then force their 'opt-out telemetry' on you.
> Debian's Firefox build disables some of the offending settings by
> default, but not all of them.
> At least at Google they are honest enough to say - 'we will spy on you
> and we do not give a f*** about your option'.

Perhaps Waterfox find the way into re repo.

Waterfox differs from Firefox in a number of ways by:

    Disabling Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
    Disabling Web Runtime
    Removing Adobe DRM
    Removing Pocket
    Removing Telemetry
    Removing data collection
    Removing startup profiling
    Allowing running of all 64-bit NPAPI plugins
    Allowing running of unsigned extensions
    Removing of Sponsored Tiles on New Tab Page
    Addition of locale selector in about:preferences > General
    Defaulting to Bing as the search engine instead of Ecosia, Google or