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posh-0.13.1 'unset -f' broken


I am testing 'posh-0.13.1' on a non-debian linux distribution so I do
not have 'reportbug' available and can not report this issue normally.

The problem is that when using 'unset -f' to unset a function it will
make any commands that share the function's name inaccessible instead.

I have attached a small test case to this e-mail which demonstrates the
issue where after 'unset -f echo' it will fail with:

  5: echo: can't find function definition file

An additional example that will demonstrate this problem can be found
under the 'EXAMPLES' section for the posix documentation on 'command'.


Both examples work fine with any other compatible shell.

I tried e-mailing the debian posh maintainer, but I got no reply or
indication that the e-mail was received. If this could be fixed in
future versions of posh it would be appreciated!

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