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Re: filesystem slowdown with backports kernel


>> we have a NAS system acting as a place to store our server's backups
>> (via rsync with link-dest). On that NAS we switched from the stable
>> kernel (4.9) to the one provided by backports (4.18) because of an
>> unrelated problem. When we do that, we see a slowdown of our backup
>> process, from the backup via rsync itself to deleting old backup
>> directories. The slowdown seems to be connected to the number of
>> files/directories as backups of systems with less files seem less
>> affected than the ones with many files.
> I'd complete your tests with an invocation of 'perf record/perf top'
> on NFS server side.
> The reason being - you'll be able to point out at particular
> kernel/userspace functions that are responsible for this slowdown.

there is no NFS in play, everything was tested locally or did I
misinterpret your suggestion.