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Re: Where was the discussion of GNOME 3 shipping as the default desktop?

On 10/16/2018 05:58 PM, Austin LaBerta wrote:
Apologies for the baity title but its very literal.

where was it? Google is giving me very poor results, I assume it was done over mailing list but I'm not even sure where to start lookin.

I can't come close to answering the subject line.
However, maybe I can help with "where to start looking."

My method of attack [which you likely have done some of] would include:
1. In which release was Gnome3 made the default.
2. Look for the release announcement. [establish a late date for
3. I suspect that searching for the _opening_ of a bug report about
   Gnome might be useful.
4. As the development of MATE was a reaction to the development of
   Gnome3, look for a spike in the discussion of MATE on _Debian_
   mailing lists.