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Apache Dependancy hell with mpm_prefork and mpm_itk

Seems I am in dependancy hell. Any way out?


My system: Debian 9.5, Apache 2.4.25, PHP 7.2

php7.2-fpm enabled.


I have several virtual hosts, that run as different users. So I need mpm_itk in my vhost config:

       <ifmodule mpm_itk_module>
               AssignUserID www-testcloud www-testcloud

That runs fine so far. Now I want to enable http2. This conflicts with the mpm_prefork module. I I try to disable that module, I get


ERROR: The following modules depend on mpm_prefork and need to be disabled first: mpm_itk

But mpm_itk is needed to make AssignUserID work.


Is there anything wrong in this setup?