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Re: Latest Thunderbird update breaks multiple plugins

Hi Martin,

I suffered this pain earlier this morning on Ubuntu 16.04.

For Lightning you might tried to substitute it with "xul-ext-lightning" but I ended up removing Thunderbird and rolled back to 52.9 (https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/16.04/ubuntu-updates-main-amd64/thunderbird_52.9.1+build3-0ubuntu0.16.04.1_amd64.deb.html) which offered Lightning 5.4.

They appear to be working together fine just as they used to with all my local settings kept intact.

Following that I disabled updates:

$ sudo apt-mark hold thunderbird
thunderbird set on hold.

I guess that's your only option for discontinued plugins.

Hopefully a compatible version of Lightning will be out soon.


On 16/10/18 09:39, Martin wrote:
Hi list members,

with the latest Thunderbird update (60.2.1) some plugins are broken. E.g. Color Folders (last change July 2014), FireTray (last change May 2016, discontinued), Lightning (last change May 2017).
Does some of you have a clue, if one should just forget about those plugins or what to do?
Any, yes I know, there may be Bugzilla.