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Re: USB device not accepting address <n>, error -71

Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> It could be the physical ports themselves.  I have my desktop system in
> a 15+ year old case.  As of a few years ago, the front USB ports got to
> the point where the number of devices they could not recognize (I would
> get the same log messages) annoyed me enough that I got 3.5" front panel
> with 2 USB 3.0 connectors and gave up the empty bay for that panel.  I
> suspect a combination of physical age and protocol age (they might even
> be pre-2.0) is the cause of the problem in my case.
> I will sometimes still use the old ports and when they have a problem I
> switch to the new ports, which have not yet encountered a problem
> recognizing a device.

I have 4-5 USB ports in the back and 4 ports on the front. I tried most of
them with same result. IMO it can not be the physical port to connect USB
device(s). I have a bluetooth stick, mouse, keyboard and scanner attached
and all of them work, but just the camera, since Sunday morning not

No other updates but the microcode package impact kernel code. I was using
4.17 and now moved to 4.18.14, but nothing helps.

I read that microcode is disabled by default (modprobe blacklist) and this
is also in the initrd.

I have a suspicion it is something with the kernel module that can not be
handled, while in windows the driver handles it.

Any ideas?