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Re: Syncing GnuPG between 2 system

Teemu Likonen wrote:

> deloptes@xxxxxxxxx [2018-09-30 01:09:05+02] wrote:
>> A key is associated with identity -> the email. With the sub keys you
>> can add more identities.
> No. OpenPGP key's user id's (name, comment, email) are with the public
> master key, not with subkeys.

OK, sorry for adding the sub there - one couldadd more identities to the key
and sign/encrypt with the key

>> Still to encrypt you need the private key.
> No. To encrypt you need recipients' public keys which have an encryption
> capability [E]. Usually there is an encryption subkey. To decrypt you
> need the secret key which is associated with the public [E] key that was
> used to encrypt.

Here is something I do not get - to encrypt I am asked for password - I
guess it is for my secret key, no?