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Future of cdrkit. Was: How to react on a factually wrong Debian wiki change ?


Steve McIntyre wrote:
> The only 2 reasons I've had for keeping the cdrkit package in Debian
> were:
> 1. hfs hybrid support in genisoimage, a topic that Thomas and I have
>    spoken about in the past. Now that we no longer have powerpc in
>    Debian stable and I don't have to care about making CD and DVD
>    releases for it

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, maintainer of rare arches, stated to me
that a 64 bit PowerPC variant still wants HFS.
We did not explore, though, whether it would accept HFS+ of xorriso or
whether it could be served by a HFS image file inside the ISO, similar
to the HFS+ image file in Fedora ISOs.

>  2. icedax's support for extracting cd-text from audio CDs. As
>     (also!) maintainer of abcde, that's a very useful feature. I'm
>     not aware of anything else that supports it - suggestions
>     welcome!

cdrskin can extract CD-TEXT as human readable Sony Input Sheet file.
Search for the example input file "NIGHTCATS.TXT" in
to see how this format looks like.

I just tested that it works (without much messages) by:

  cdrskin -v dev=/dev/sr4 cdtext_to_v07t=$HOME/cdtext.v07t

The resulting sheet file is then $HOME/cdtext.v07t.
(The CD is self-made. I have no commercial CD with CD-TEXT.)

In man icedax i read mainly about .cddb and .cdindex files.
Do you have examples ? Can you make a sheet file by cdrskin for
comparison with those files from icedax ?


Don't throw wodim out of Debian. Its residual use cases are worth to
be kept supported. (Although i can explain them only from hearsay
and specs.)

genisoimage is still needed, too. Not only -hfs for booting but also
-udf for DVD video mastering or big data files for *BSD target systems.

Have a nice day :)