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Re: How to react on a factually wrong Debian wiki change ?


Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> For the avoidance of any doubt, jmtd is me (Jonathan Michael Thomas
> Dowland).

Thanks for sparing me the questionable deed to revert the change myself.
So it is not a wiki war.

> I'm not involved in cdrkit development.

Nobody is involved there. Else i would chew off that person's ear in
the hope to get the shortcommings fixed.

Curt wrote:
> > It's been reverted but as the formulation is a little awkward it's too
> > bad we didn't take this opportunity to unawkwardate it.

Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> I opted to restore the text exactly as it was (a pure revert) rather
> than improve upon it, although I'm not really sure why I rationalised
> that.

So how should the statement be improved ?

Have a nice day :)