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Re: Distinguish instances of GUI file manager by color

Richard Owlett wrote:
> [...]
> On my laptop the default font size is unsuitably small.
> A quick web search revealed that is not a mc parameter.
> It is a function of the terminal emulator used. I have a MATE desktop. 
> How do I determine what terminal emulator is in use?

I think it's gnome-terminal; but I haven't used MATE in a while.
Although, I do recall from my time using it, that one could right-click
on the main portion of the window (i.e. where the text is), and you'd
get a context menu that'd let you select the settings (font size, color,

NOTE - you may need to do this while mc is not running (IDK if it has
its own interpretation of a right click that may get in the way).

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