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Re: Distinguish instances of GUI file manager by color

On 2018-09-26 11:52, Richard Owlett wrote:
> I'm setting up a new machine and copying files from the old machine's home
> directory. At the same time I'm creating a new directory structure to better
> match how I work.
> I found it expedient to have at least three instances of the file manager open -
> [one for source directory and at least two for destination (sub)directories].
> Suggestions?
> Is it even possible?
> Brief web search was not encouraging. But my search terms may have been the
> problem. Suggested search terms?

I use Krusader for similar purposes. It is like a GUI version of Midnight
Commander (mc). If needed just open multiple instances. When performing actions
within one instance you can do almost everything purely by keyboard, which is
great (to me) and speeds up things as well. No need to grab the mouse all the time.


Grx HdV