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Re: Debugging mysterious freeze / crash

On 23.09.2018 18:00, Celejar wrote:

One of the reasons I buy Thinkpad T (or W) series machines is to not
have to worry about such things, but I understand that there are no
guarantees ;)

Some people strongly believe there are conspiracy among hardware manufacturers, such as planned failure. I'm one of them tinfoil hats, because I've seen too many "too convenient" failures to believe they were random.
We now live in the age of Pb-less solder and BGA chips. This is a bad thing because Tin without Pb becomes brittle with time. Also Tin could grow microscopic hair-like structures that could short-circuit neighboring solder joints. This is why service people have to resort to re-flow and re-ball techniques on still working BGA chipsets, essentially adding Pb and resolder ICs back into same motherboard or replacing faulty chips if they are dead.
I've seen flux that becomes conductive after a couple of years of device usage. I've seen rubber-like substance with same characteristics that holds components in place inside PSUs, you just stick 2 probes of your MMT into and it shows resistance.
I can go on infinitely on this topic, so I better stop.
I'll try some stress / system testing (memtest, sysbench), with
tapping, and see what I find.

Thanks much,


With kindest regards, Alexander.

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