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Re: Why does Debian allow all incoming traffic by default

You mean the Windows warning "Your system is not protected"?

How mature shouldone be to know what it means to use the internet?

Where this message should come from?
The last thing I want is a Windows like warning. I expected more like a line in the Installation manual warning about the default firewall configuration.
Imagine I install 450MB debian as my firewall or server - no gui, or I
install debian with arbitrary desktop - who is going to do the warning.
If it is the installer, what should happen next - should I install something
or not and even if I install it and then I decide to use a different
solution - who is going to manage it?

It overcomplicates things.

I personally would be also glad to have some kind of handy firewall.
There is a firewall program that comes installed by default in Debian. It's called iptables.