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Re: libcurl3 and libcurl4

A_Man_Without_Clue wrote:

> Hi all,
> As I was asking in another topic, I was trying to set up CdEmu however
> during the process of installation, I had lost libcurl3 to libcurl4
> which led removal of Viber application. (I don't know what I did.)
> I had installed Viber as described in
> https://forums.bunsenlabs.org/viewtopic.php?pid=71634#p71634
> Now I cannot install the viber because lack of the libcurl3....
> How can I install back libcurl3....?
> M.W.C.

As I asked in the other thread how did you get libcurl4 installed?
Did you touch your apt sources?

you can see what depends on libcurl like this

$ apt-cache rdepends --installed libcurl3
Reverse Depends:

Just put libcurl4 instead of libcurl3.

I guess you changed the apt sources. In that case go back to stable
(stretch), purge libcurl4 and install libcurl3