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Re: ext2 for /boot ???

Felix Miata wrote:

> If the filesystem is being written to less than 5 minutes per year, what
> do you suppose the odds are that power could be lost during any portion of
> that less than 5 minutes of writing? Given my PCs are all running on
> backup power, the odds are virtual zero. I want my boot partitions
> accessible no matter what I boot, even if it means booting using a Windows
> 98 floppy disk, attaching it via USB to a Mac, or booting an ancient PC
> running a pre-2.4 kernel. EXT2 has maximum backward compatibility.

Don't know about you, but no one recommends using ext2 as boot anymore. I
also use UPS and still converted to ext3 after server crash and having
issues with the ext2 and the booting - it was long time ago, so I do not
recall all details.

None of the usecases makes sense to me as they are really not trivial.
It is however useful to know what is good for, but it is also rather an
exception to a normal use case.

In fact ext2 should be considered obsoleted in any means