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Re: What is Firefox on Debian Stretch nearest future?

Aug 31, 2018, 2:49 PM by nemommxiv@xxxxxxxxx:

> Well, the first time I installed and loaded it under Wheezy, its start
> up was so slow, I thought it had failed or was broken. (We are talking
> about Firefox ESR from the Debian repo.)  But it finally sauntered onto
> the screen.  Now, we aren't talking a LONG time.  Not minutes.  Just
> many extra seconds.  About 2 to 3 times longer than I was accustomed
> to.

I used Firefox on Wheezy for years under KDE, never had problems with Firefox speed. If you start Firefox cold, the first window may take 2-5 seconds to load depending on the number of plugins one has installed, if a browsing session need to be restored, etc. but after that new FF windows take a fraction of a second to open. I think that's quite acceptable unless you are participating in some kind of startbrowser-shutdownbroser-restartbrowser competition. Once FF is running I leave it around for days and sometimes weeks, I use the browser often so I see not point in shutting it down and restarting all the time.