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Re: Getting rid of Wilber

Brad Rogers wrote:
> from 2.10, the user prefs file is at ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/gimprc

That's good to know.  I had ~/.gimp-2.8 in buster (Gimp 2.10) and
stretch (Gimp 2.8) linked to the same configuration files, which is
why this link still existed in buster.

> We still don't appear to be able to remove Wilber from the main
> window, however.

For the time being, I have Gimp started up like this:
$ gimp /path/to/pixel.xcf
where pixel.xcf is a 1x1 pixel image. Or it could be a bigger image
with a gray area. Wilber is hidden then, that is, as long as you do
not close that image.