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Re: [OT] Best (o better than yahoo) mail provider for malinglists

Thank you for all your precious advices and considerations, expecially
for privacy-releaded concerns. Indeed, I'm very well aware of this
aspects, but perhaps you're missing my point: the mailbox will be used
*only* for mailing lists, which content is (usually) of public domain,
on the web. So privacy is not a strict requirement in this *specific*
use case. I won't feel too bad if my $MAIL_PROVIDER mines data from my
mails since they're not private ones, but i won't feel ok if the mailbox
don't work well technically. As I stated before, I want:

	– no ramdom spam filtering (at least the chance to disable the spam
filter, which it seems Y don't let me to).
	– full (no restrictions on the amount of data transferred) and stable
imap access.

Since I'm not reading (particular) complaints about Gmx, I think I'm
going to give it a try, subscribing to MLs I'm already sub on this Y
account. Just to see how it behaves, and then I'll decide whether making
the "switch" or not.

Thank everyone again!