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Re: Cannot Install/Uninstall sendmail

On 29.08.18 11:57, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> However both sendmail and update-inetd are orphaned at the moment (no
> regular maintainers, although Andreas Beckmann has done a lot of work
> via the QA team)

After favouring sendmail for a decade and a half, I thought I was slow
to switch to postfix around 15 years ago when sendmail was already
showing signs of age, such as security issues, IIRC. That anyone would
use it today is quite a surprise.

Postfix has a nice set of sendmail compatibility functions, and the list
is very helpful. From the manpage:

       mailq(1), Sendmail compatibility interface
       newaliases(1), Sendmail compatibility interface
       sendmail(1), Sendmail compatibility interface