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Re: [OT] Best (o better than yahoo) mail provider for malinglists

On 28/08/2018 19:08, Miles Fidelman wrote:
I would suggest looking for somebody who runs Sympa.

Open source, well supported, more "industrial strength" than Mailman (designed for universities, supporting lots of lists).

I've been running it on our servers, for at least a decade (who's counting) - it's rock solid, well supported by both a core team (at Renater - the French Research & Education Network), and a larger community.  (For example, a patch for DMARC came out almost immediately.  It took a lot longer for a mailman patch to show up, and even longer for it to make into the standard release).  Also, Sympa is built around a database, mailman isn't - makes a difference for folks running multiple lists.  Lots more things that can be customized.

There's a list of hosting providers at https://www.sympa.org/users/custom - but they're mostly in France.  You might have to do a little hunting - or post on the sympa users list.

There's also Groupserver (http://groupserver.org) - a rather interesting package that does a good job of melding traditional lists, with a web-based forum interface.  It's open source, with hosting available - from a small group in New Zealand.  It has a bit of traction in the "electronic democracy" community.

If I understand correctly, I think that Francesco was asking for a good (free) email service provider at which he could receive emails from mail lists, rather than a mail list provider.

Nevertheless, thanks for your mail list software suggestions. I've heard of Sympa but never seen them described in the manner you did here. And I am sorry to say that I had never heard of GroupServer before. Thanks for the useful information.

Mark Rousell