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Re: [Buster]: KDE wierdness: missing window titlebars + more

Aug 27, 2018, 6:00 PM by cyaiplexys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

> I had that happen not too long ago in Stretch. I just rebooted and it was OK.
A reboot didn't do it for me, the issue still persist.

> You may want to also check your settings in Display - Compositor. You may have to change to a different rendering backend. Also you might want to uncheck any experimental options if you have them checked.
What's even stranger I can't find the KDE System Preferences app (what package is it in, by the way?), so I can't even find a way to change  display/keyboard/mouse/etc KDE settings. I installed buster fresh, that is, there were no left over libs/config files/etc that would affect the new KDE installation yet something is very screwed up with either KDE on my PC or with KDE packages in testing.

Anyone using KDE in buster? If so, are you experiencing any issues with KDE like missing window titlebars, missing apps, etc.?