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Re: lots of issues with KDE after update

On 2018-08-27 10:56, Hans wrote:
> Hi folks,
> after lates upgrade of KDE in debian/testing, I found several issues.
> 1. Missing of all applications (icons) inm the taskbar
> 2. Missing of all status icons in the taskbar
> 3. Right mouse click in for desktop settimngs in desktop nbo more working (so 
> I can not add any widgests or change desktop settings). Even unlocking the 
> desktop is thus no more possible.
> 4. The weather plasmoid (widget) disappeared.
> I would have filed a bugreport, but I still copuld not discover, which 
> particular package or libnrary is responsible for this behaviour.
> If someone knows more, I would be happy, if he could give me some clue.
> The system here is runnning debian/testing 32-bit, if this issue appears on a 
> 64-bit system is unknown, as I do not own a 64-bit debian system at the 
> moment.
> It would also help, if these isssue can be confirmeds as known. I googled, but 
> found only issues with Ubuntu, not debian.
> Thanks for any hints.

Hai Hans,

It is not just you. I am having the same issues.

Maybe it is coincidence, but after exactly the same apt-get upgrade with a lot
of plasma updates pan started acting up as well. However pan is GTK, not Qt, so
I don't know for sure those problems are related to the same issues as plasma is
having at the moment.

P.S. This is on testing with apt-get udate/apt-get upgrade/apt-get dist-upgrade
being run once every few (about 3) days, so no significant backlog in updates.
Therefore I presume the problems must originate in a library that was updated
last Thursday of Friday.

Grx HdV