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Re: iproute, NM and ifupdown

Le 26/08/2018 à 17:24, Gene Heskett a écrit :
On Sunday 26 August 2018 10:24:35 Pascal Hambourg wrote:

Le 26/08/2018 à 15:40, Gene Heskett a écrit :

Theres some keywords
(mentioned in the man page in obtuse language IIRC) to use in e-n-i
to tell N_M to keep its malicious hands off a given interface, but
you have to read between the lines with your logical superpowers to
detect them.

No, there is no obscure keyword and nothing between the lines.

Oh? And you wrote that manpage I suppose, and you don't make mistakes...


You may be able to read it, knowing what you "intended" to write. But
others aren't mind readers.

Maybe I was not clear enough. Let me rephrase a bit.

Contrary to what you wrote, there is no obscure keyword to use in /etc/network/interfaces to tell NetworkManager to keep its hands off a given interface.

By default, NM does not manage any interface configured in
/etc/network/interfaces. So all you have to do is configure your
interface with an "iface" stanza in /etc/network/interfaces as usual
so that it is managed by ifupdown and not by NM.

I have had N-M tear down a well configured staticly defined eth0 on
dozens of occasions, despite using the iface designation in my e-n-i's.
Then it is a bug which should be reported and fixed. It is not intended behaviour.

Most recently on a stretch install on a rock64 I had to erect immutable
attributes to resolv.conf after making it a real file, and e-n-i to make
networking Just Work.

/etc/resolv.conf is a rather different topic, because it is not related to a specific interface and may be written by several pieces of software, including but not limited to NetworkManager when configuring *any* interface. I would suggest using resolvconf but I suspect you would not like it either.