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Re: Re: Re: DHCP to static without reboot?

No need to cc: me, I am subscribed to the list

On Sun, 26 Aug 2018, Mark Pavlichuk wrote:

> If I use a completely vanilla freshly installed VM (on VirtualBox)...  LXDE,
> but otherwise standard options:
> Even a simple "ifdown <interface>" with no configuration changes gives
> inconsistent results.  Three different results so far:
> 1) Sometimes it SEEMS like it releases the DHCP address, and completes
> successfully.  ifconfig however shows the interface still there, with an IP
> that can be pinged.
> 2) Again, seems to complete successfully BUT an ifconfig shows the interface
> without any IP.
> 3) The ifdown completes successfully, and gets the expected results.
> I've waited to make sure I'm not being too quick for a process to complete or
> something.  I'm simply getting inconsistent results with identical VM
> snapshots, and I'm at a loss.
> Oh, I forgot...  I think I mentioned earlier in the thread I got some kind of
> (uninformative) systemd message, but that was just one run out of perhaps 50
> or so.
> -- 
> Mark Pavlichuk

Maybe it would help other people offer some help if you included your 
ifupdown configuration, and also the ifconfig and ping output that 
concerns you?  I would probably check for bugs on ifupdown pkg page also.

I stopped using ifconfig a couple yrs ago.  From what I recall it always 
shows the iface without an IP when it is down?  I never used ifconfig to 
set or manipulate interfaces, but I think it's probably not compatible 
with ifupdown?

I think some ip output might be helpful also.