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Re: Slow XFS write


On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 04:15:30PM +0200, Martin LEUSCH wrote:
> To complete the description there is infos about the XFS partition:
> meta-data=/dev/sda4              isize=256    agcount=11, agsize=268435455 blks
>          =                       sectsz=512   attr=2, projid32bit=1
>          =                       crc=0        finobt=0
> data     =                       bsize=4096   blocks=2920268544, imaxpct=5
>          =                       sunit=0      swidth=0 blks
> naming   =version 2              bsize=4096   ascii-ci=0 ftype=0
> log      =internal               bsize=4096   blocks=521728, version=2
>          =                       sectsz=512   sunit=0 blks, lazy-count=1
> realtime =none                   extsz=4096   blocks=0, rtextents=0

Nothing unusual IMO. Certainly nothing that could explain such a

Can you provide a result of 'perf top'? Just to be sure it's xfs that's
to be blamed.

> And infos about the RAID5 volume:

Looks suspiciously similar to LSI MegaRAID.
Is controller firmware current? Is it possible to upgrade it?
Since you seem to have BBU, have you considered enabling WriteBack mode?