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Re: Openssl ciphers is not means SSL supported?


On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 02:01:23PM +0900, Miwa Susumu wrote:
> Hi all.
> [question 1]
> 'openssl ciphers -v' output ciphers. include SSL protocol version.
> I have 'SSLv3' by 'openssl ciphers -v'
> but debian openssl package disable ssl3. by configure option.
> (see configure option in debian/rules file).
> my openssl doesn't support SSLv3. is it right?

Debian's openssl does support ciphers that were associated with SSLv3,
but all these ciphers can be used for TLS too.
The support of SSLv3 protocol itself is disabled.

> [question 2]
> What can I know which SSL version is supported by openssl?

"openssl list -disabled" should show all disabled features, here they
include SSL3. The support for SSL2 was lost by openssl a long time ago.

So, which version of SSL does Debian's openssl support? No version at
Which version of TLS does Debian's openssl support? 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.