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Re: How to"apt update" from an USB key ?

On 2018-07-11, Pierre Couderc <pierre@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On an ultraslim (ACER swift 3) I have no CDROM no Ethernet, only an USB key.
> I have installed stretch (without GUI) from the USB key, and now I want 
> to install connman, but I do not success to apt-cdrom on an USB.
> I have googled but did not find a correct howto to do that...

Not clear what's on the stick; I assume it's DVD1 (or CD1). (I mean if
you're trying to use apt-cdrom with the stick and the machine has no
internet connection and you installed from the stick this is my
assumption.  Others seem to have assumed other things. As I have a very
low assumption batting average lately I hesitate slightly to join the

(copied from a post by UK Brian--I think there's only one over there)

 First adjust sources.list to only have

   deb [ trusted=yes ] file:/media/DVD-1/ stretch main 

("trusted" avoids warnings about unauthenticated packages--you trust 
the iso on the stick, we assume.)

 Make the DVD-1 directory:

   mkdir /media/DVD-1/ 

 and insert the USB stick. Obtain the device name from dmesg or lsblk.
 Then (for example)

   mount /dev/sdg1 /media/DVD-1/ 

apt update; apt install connman

It occurs to me I have no idea whether connman is on CD1 (or DVD1, or
whatever's on the stick). But if you've asked the right question this
may be the correct answer. Bonne chance.

> Thanks in advance
> PC