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Re: How to"apt update" from an USB key ?

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 07:10:25AM +0200, Pierre Couderc wrote:
> On an ultraslim (ACER swift 3) I have no CDROM no Ethernet, only an USB key.
> I have installed stretch (without GUI) from the USB key, and now I want to
> install connman, but I do not success to apt-cdrom on an USB.
> I have googled but did not find a correct howto to do that...
The package you want to use is apt-offline.  Here is the description:

 apt-offline can be used to generate a signature on a machine (with no network).
 This signature contains all download information required for the APT database
 system. This signature file can be used on another machine connected to the
 internet (which need not be a Debian box and can even be running windows) to
 download the updates.
 The downloaded data will contain all updates in a format understood by APT and
 this data can be used by apt-offline to update the non-networked machine.



Roberto C. Sánchez