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Re: VPN suggestions?

Dennis Wicks <wix@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I want to set up a VPN for several computers in my house that are all
> on a local network.

What do you mean by “set up a VPN”?

Is it sufficient to pay someone else to host the VPN, and your computers
connect to that VPN managed by someone else?

Do you expect to manage the VPN software? The hardware? Or do you want
that job done by someone else?

> And suggestions, hints, warnings?

Be sure that the VPN is run by someone invested in *your* security. This
excludes parties that offer “zero cost VPN” to all-comers; their
incentive is mostly to turn your traffic into money, which almost
certainly conflicts with your privacy.

So, that means either you (or a party who already has your trust and has
no conflict with your interests) set up the VPN specifically for you;
or, you find a managed VPN for whom *you are the customer*, so that they
will want to serve your needs and not someone else's.

Once you explain more what your purpose is (and what you mean by “set up
a VPN”), we can give more specific advice.

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