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Re: debian/testing repo question

Hi Robert,

thanks for your quick response. So, doi I see this correct and can I say: 
There is an automatismn for a package removal, which will be interrupted, when 
the maintainer is responding within a period of time and the reason for the 
removal was eliminated (i.e. fixed a bug or uploaded a newer version). 
Whenever a maintainer does nothing, the package got to be removed, when its 
dependencies inmtefere with other dependencies, but is left, when its 
dependencies do not harm anything. Can I say so?

And did I understand you correctly: Using unstable or stable is better than to 
use testing? If I understood this correctly, then the logical result would be, 
that testing has to expect more trouble (for users) than stable or unstable,

Most users I am supporting are using stable, but some are using testing. 
Should I advise them to upgrade tu unstable?