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debian/testing repo question

Hi folks, 

I know, I had discussed a similar question ago, but testing is still a miracle 
for me.

Is there an automatism, why or when packages got removed from testing or ist 
this always done manually by the developers?

This time I struggled about "cqrlog", which was accepted in testing, then 3 
months later removed without a clear reason but same version added in sid?  

However, I discovered, there is a new version available, but has broken 
dependencies (just a single lib is missing!) . 

But the removal of "cqrlog" looked as it was done by some cronjob. 

On the other hand, it is not understandable, why to remove a package, when its 
dependencies touches other packages. When it was prior existent, then the 
dependencies of the later package should be adjusted and not the existing one 
(or just remove it). 

The logic of debian/testing is still a miracle for me, looks like changes are 
done one time so, the other time so. 

Sorry, please do not feel beeing attacked, it is just the way it is looking 
for me. :)

Testing is a miracle....

Best regards