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Re: Editing a piped in stream?

On 2018-07-08 12:18, Andy Smith wrote:

On Sun, Jul 08, 2018 at 07:39:07AM +0200, john doe wrote:
The issue here is that we don't know what the OP wants

A situation sadly familiar when dealing with this particular
poster's threads.

Also in the general case, if you ever find yourself parsing the
output of "ls", you will probably find that there is a better way to
be doing what you're trying to do. There are a lot of issues with
parsing "ls" output:



about 10 years ago on another mailing list there was a guy who claimed to be dyslexic who said was uncertain of things but once you'd deciphered the jumble of words was asking quite complicated networking questions and would come back with a knowledgeable other question ( once you'd deciphered it ) I did think it might be a wind up.


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