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PAM-CGFS[xxx]: Failed to get list of controllers

Hi all,

I'm getting messages like this in auth.log:

PAM-CGFS[xxx]: Failed to get list of controllers

Web searches generally hint at a link with LXC, and this is on an LXC
host, but doesn't seem to directly relate to the containers - it shows
up when anyone logs in, starts a cron session, or similar.

The server in question is one I inherited, not one I set up myself.

I have another LXC host (which I did set up) that doesn't do this - one
difference is that that one doesn't have libpam-cgfs installed, which is
probably significant ... but I'm reluctant to just uninstall it from the
problem host without fully understanding what I'm losing. It doesn't
have any hard dependencies from other packages, but there may be
something else I haven't found yet relying on it.

Both are stretch, and I think both were upgraded from jessie.

Any tips on what's causing it, and whether it's a problem?


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