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Re: Looking for ratings of all-in-one printers for Linux (Ubuntu in particular)

> If you meant hplip drivers, which are available from Debian
> repository, then I wonder what actually makes them so much "from
> Debian"?  IMHO, their  avalability from Debian repository does not
> really make them particulary  "Debian".  They are still developed by HP
> or their development is  sponsored by HP, aren't they?

The issue is not who writes the code.  The issue is whether the code is
available under a Free license such that it can be integrated cleanly
into the OS distribution I use, e.g.
- It works on all the architectures supported by Debian
- The Debian maintainers will take care of compatibility between
  different versions of packages.  So I won't have to choose between
  sticking to some old version of CUPS (for example), or having to buy
  a new printer, because the printer manufacturer stopped updating their
  driver for printers older than 5 years (say).
- I don't have to check the manufacturer's web-site for bug-fixes and
  security updates: `apt-get` does it for me.

> And BTW HP allegedly native to Debian support was always crappy in my
> personal experience (as HP printers themselves).  Especialy if compared
> with Brother propriatory drivers, which are flawless.

To each his own.  I find such software to be a maintenance hassle.

For that reason I do not have an opinion on HP-vs-Brother in terms of
technical quality of their drivers or their hardware: I haven't had the
opportunity to try Brother's drivers, and I won't as long as it's
proprietary (and IIUC they don't provide drivers that work on my
ARM-based CUPS server anyway).

> The interesting point is that Linux community is always and rightfully
> upset by the fact that manufacturers do not care to provide Linux
> support.  IMHO we should then appreciate and support the manufacturer
> when it cares about Linux users, shouldn't we?

I think it's stupid for a printer manufacturer not to provide its
drivers as Free Software and collaborate with the community.  It might
make sense not to provide drivers for GNU/Linux at all, but if they have
to go through the trouble of writing the driver, they might as well make
it Free Software.  It just makes a lot of commercial sense.