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Re: BTRFS and debian

On 09.07.2018 22:52, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Le 09/07/2018 à 21:58, Ulf Volmer a écrit :

>> why not using a subvolume for /home? i see that concept in OpenSuse for
>> example to exclude /var from snapper.
> openSUSE uses XFS for /home, not a btrfs subvolume.

Yes. i assume that's caused by the decision of the commercial version
(sles) to not support btrfs for data volumes.

i can't see any technical reason against using a subvolume for /home.

>> And it will be easier to handle a single LUKS volume.
> So what ? The encrypted volume is used as an LVM physical volume and can
> contain any number of logical volumes.

ok, ack.

best regards