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BTRFS and debian

Hi there!
I am new here.

I am trying to install debian on a VM to test it before i install it on
my laptop. Since its a laptop i would like to encrypt the hard drive. I
would also like to be able to return my whole system to a previous state
or just my home directory.

I would like to ask

1. Whats the appropriate layout?
My current layout is:

LVM VG Laptop-vg LV root 16.9GB Linux device mapper (linear)
#1	16.9GB	f	btrfs	/

LVM VG Laptop-vg LV swap 4.3GB Linux device mapper (linear)
#1	4.3GB	f	swap	swap

Encrypted volume (sda5_crypt)-21.2GB Linux device mapper (crypt)
#1	21.2GB	K	lvm

SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) 21.2GB ATA QEMU HARDDISK
#1	primary	254.8MB	K	ext2	/boot
#5	logical	21.2GB	K	crypto	(sda5_crypt)

Should i make a different partition for /home/ ?

2.I will obviously make the / partition btrfs. Do i have to use btrfs
also on my boot partition?

3.Is there any btrfs GUI program to manage my system on debian stretch
or on debian buster? or i can only do this from the command line?

Thanks in advance for your help