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Re: Looking for ratings of all-in-one printers for Linux (Ubuntu in particular)

On Mon, 09 Jul 2018 11:14:53 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> I used to own MFC 7460DN. I own currently HL-L2389DW wireless -e
>> xcellent unit.  Any of them work under Ubuntu, Debian (my current
>> distro), Fedora,
>> OpenSuse, etc. without a problem.  Installation is a breeze.  The
>> drivers available on Brother website.
> Wait, does that mean the printer is not supported directly by Debian
> (contrary to HP's for example)?  Why not?  Are the drivers proprietary?
> How do you make sure the drivers are kept up-to-date with Debian's
> infrastructure?
>         Stefan
> PS: To me "works under Debian" should mean that I can make it work by
> installing packages from Debian and nowhere else.

If by "installing packages from Debian" you mean Debian printer drivers 
collection then one would have to always limit himself to rather narrow 
aray of old or very old moddels of printers and very often to accept the 
support provided as it is, which more then often is limited.

If you meant hplip drivers, which are available from Debian repository, 
then I wonder what actually makes them so much "from Debian"? IMHO, their 
avalability from Debian repository does not really make them particulary 
"Debian". They are still developed by HP or their development is 
sponsored by HP, aren't they?

And BTW HP allegedly native to Debian support was always crappy in my 
personal experience (as HP printers themselves). Especialy if compared 
with Brother propriatory drivers, which are flawless.

While I appreciate your stand, to me as long as a manufacturer provides 
easily installable drivers and keeps them up to date is just fine. And 
this is the case with Brother. Escpecially considering that Brother cares 
to provide drivers for different major distros like Debian, Ubuntu, 
OpenSUSE in both .deb and .rmp format.

Again, I personaly never regreted the switch. You see I am not a 
purist. :-)

The interesting point is that Linux community is always and rightfully 
upset by the fact that manufacturers do not care to provide Linux 
support. IMHO we should then appreciate and support the manufacturer when 
it cares about Linux users, shouldn't we?