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Re: viewing font samples

David Wright composed on 2018-07-07 20:40 (UTC-0500):

> On Sat 07 Jul 2018 at 21:22:02 (-0400), Felix Miata wrote:

>> Can anyone name a freedesktop utility that produces font samples such as those
>> seen on https://screenshots.debian.net/package/fonts-crosextra-caladea or
>> similar? I know one exists, but can't remember its name, or figure out how to
>> find its name.

> xfd possibly?

Thanks (to all)! I think xfd is the one I had in mind, though xfontsel, even
less friendly to use, might be it too. Gucharmap is not. Fontypython looks
useful, but not what I had in mind - I thought there was, and was hoping for,
one much like Windows had 20 years ago (and still had last I looked).


Any idea if exists FOSS clone of it?
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