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Re: unable to connect to database in MediaWiki 1.27.4 installation

mick crane <mick.crane@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On 2018-07-08 08:53, Sharon Kimble wrote:
>> I'm unable to get mediawiki from the repos working as it is consistently
>> failing at accessing the database as part of its configuration at the
>> beginning. I say 'consistently' as the same problem has occurred when
>> trying to install mediawiki from source, and this is a clean fresh
>> install so I think that it must be something in my /home because it is a
>> completely new fresh install. But what?
>> Can anyone give me some guidance here please, as I've been looking in my
>> /home for anything 'mariadb' or 'mysql'-like but without any success.
>> When I input my database details into
>> 'http://localhost/mediawiki/mw-config/index.php?page=DBConnect' I get an
>> error message saying -
>> ╭────
>> │DB connection error: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (localhost).
>> │
>> │Check the host, username and password and try again.
>> ╰────
>> To my thinking, its obviously comparing what I'm inputting into
>> something, and deciding that they don't match, so therefore giving me an
>> error message. But what is it comparing to?
>> Thanks
>> Sharon.
> I don't know what error you get if mysqld is not running but best see if it is
> "ps ax | grep mysql"
> mick

Thanks for replying Mick.

This is what I get using a slightly better command than yours (you missed out the 'u' in aux :) 

│$ ps aux | grep mysql
│mysql      962  0.0  0.0 698580 65656 ?        Ssl  Jul07   0:59 /usr/sbin/mysqld

Which is about right as I rebooted yesterday. 

And I've just checked and I'm still not able to get past the 'Connect to
database' page in the mediawiki setup process.

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