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Re: Gimp broken in Debian Sid?

On Fri, 6 Jul 2018 18:44:20 -0400
Cindy-Sue Causey <butterflybytes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> With respect to dealing with that ghost, I have two things I do in
> these kinds of instances. The first one I do is kill that ghost
> instance then relaunch the problem program from within a terminal
> window. Sometimes you get lucky and see a bunch of error messages that
> can possibly help solve the problem.

Even after killing the instance or after rebooting, Gimp still doesn't
work. No error message on the command line.

> The second thing I do... out of exasperation... is purge the problem
> program THEN secondarily ALSO PURGE all the various dependency
> packages. Apt-get is very neighborly about presenting that dependency
> list when a user is trying to upgrade or install just after having
> purged a primary package.

I've tried purging Gimp and some dependencies, and then reinstalling
Gimp but it still doesn't work:

    apt-get purge ufraw gimp gimp-data gimp-ufraw libgimp2.0 \
        libgimp2.0-dev libgimp2.0-doc

    apt-get autoremove

    apt-get install gimp

I have two Debian sid installations: One main installation (on my
internal hard drive) and a secondary installation (on an external USB
hard drive). I dist-upgrade those two installations almost
simultaneously, approximately once a week. So they're like twins. I
don't use Gimp regularly on the secondary installation but I've
verified: it's also affected by the problem.

I will probably end up doing a system reinstall on the external
hard drive and see what happens.

Thank you all anyway for your help!