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Re: Gimp broken in Debian Sid?

On 07/07/18 08:13, Michael Wagner wrote:
On Jul 06, 2018 um 07:58:41, Thierry Rascle wrote:
I'm using Debian Sid. Gimp does not seem to work any more (the user
interface does not show up). I've tried in Xmonad and in Openbox.
I have no idea what causes this. I don't see any error message.
Does anyone else have the same problem ?
Hello Thierry,
I'm using Debian Testing with gimp 2.10.2-1 from unstable and it works.

Same working for me under Xfce.

There have been a bunch of styling changes in 2.10.

Thierry, what desktop theme are you using? You could try moving your ~/.config/GIMP/2.10 out of the way in case it has fallen down and cannot get up.

Do you get any error messages if you start gimp at the command line?

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Transient Software Limited <https://transient.nz/>
New Zealand