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Re: Separate /home directories etc?

Richard Owlett composed on 2018-07-06 14:47 (UTC-0500):

> In response to a unrelated post to a LUG, I was asked if I had a 
> separate /home directory. Short answer -- no.

> I abandoned WinXP when Jessie had become stable.
> The installer defaults {I assume for cause} to putting every thing on 
> one partition/directory.

> Where may I read about pros/cons ?

It's really pretty simple:

All together in one partition means when you need to reinstall the OS, or if you
wish to change the OS, everything is lost, same in Windows as in Linux.

The only significant drawback is when the disk size is small it can be
problematic to determine optimum sizes for the separate space allocations. Disks
are so large now that this drawback is obsolete for most people, but can apply
to multibooters.

There is another advantage, which is having separate data filesystem somewhat
simplifies backup and restore operations. Lost user data you generally want to
restore if a disk fails, while it's generally convenient just to reformat and
install fresh the OS.

In short, not having a separate /home generally amounts to foolishness.
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get, get wisdom." Proverbs 4:7 (New Living Translation)

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