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Re: Debian testing - release number

On 2018-07-05 at 17:29, Nicholas Geovanis wrote:

> But what I'm trying to point out here is that there seems to be no 
> such canonical (sic) Debian tool which CAN tell me what release and 
> version I'm running.

That's not true. /etc/debian_version, if not modified by the sysadmin,
should always tell you this.

However, it will not always tell you a number - because not every Debian
which you might be running *has* a version number.

According to (my understanding of what's been stated in) this thread,
testing has not been assigned a version number yet; by the time it gets
one, it is not testing anymore, it is stable.

Also, sid will - almost by definition - never have a version number.

What would the tool you're asking for provide in such cases, and where
is it supposed to get that information?

The answers which Debian appears to have arrived at are "the codename"
and "/etc/debian_version".

That means that, in such cases, the tool will not provide a number.

If you aren't willing to accept that result, you'll have to come up with
your own answer to those two questions.

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