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Re: Debian testing - release number

On Fri, Jul 06, 2018 at 08:41:58AM +0000, Curt wrote:
> So, Joey Hess is a crazy idiot, for instance?
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=81249

That was written in 2001.  One hopes that he has learned something in
the 17 years since then.  I certainly have.

Reading along to the end of that bug report, it appears that Joey
Hess managed to convince the maintainers of base-files to mark
/etc/debian_version as a conffile.  This is still its state today --
I just checked it in base-files_9.9+deb9u4_amd64.deb.

>From this, I conclude that Joey Hess is a skilled manipulator.

That doesn't stop him from also being a crazy idiot, at least on this
particular issue.