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Re: Nvidia drivers

I failed to read your whole message. Make sure you have installed the the kbuild and headers for your current running kernel. Then consider upgrading your nvidia driver to the latest version (in sid, still, I believe). If you do the latter, be sure and use the kernel parameter I showed you in my earlier post.


On 7/5/18 8:03 PM, Mark Allums wrote:
On 7/5/18 5:42 PM, Francisco Mariano-Neto wrote:
Hey all,

    I'm running kernel 4.15 with nvidia-driver 390.48-3 with no
problems. However, recently my kernel was automatically upgraded to 4.16
and it broke the nvidia driver.

    Running 'dkms autoinstall --all' does not help, it complains
about not finding kernel headers (which are installed) and quits.

    Any ideas on how I can rebuild the kernel module for the new
kernel version?


This requires a workaround, a kernel parameter at boot.


Edit the config file like this,

$sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Then run $sudo update-grub.