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Re: Xfce4 - uninstalled pulseaudio - no volume control for alsa for the panel

On Thu, 5 Jul 2018 10:08:05 +1000
Zenaan Harkness <zenaan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > you might want to have a look at pnmixer.
> > It works with both pulseaudio and plain alsa and should work with any
> > DE's system tray.
> Sounds great. By default, it simply starts, in XFCE, in the tray.
> The man page needs a patch as it says "Any other sound driver like
> OSS or FFADO, or sound server like PulseAudio or Jackd, are currently
> not supported (patches welcome)."
> Clicking on "Mixer" button (after right clicking the tray icon)
> brings up a window which appears to endlessly attempt to connect to
> PulseAudio.
> I thought pulse was not installed. Appears it is.

No, this is because pnmixer uses pavucontrol as default mixer
application. If you want to use pnmixer with plain alsa you can click
"Preferences" from the menu, select the "Behavior" Tab and change the
"Volume Control Command" to something like alsamixergui or whichever gui
mixer you prefer.



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