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Re: several messages

On Wed, 4 Jul 2018, Dave wrote:

after hibernation the terminal will not wake ( apparently, no signal )

the computer wakes, the keyboard lights up.

I just installed deb 9.4 amd / the bios was just updated.

On Thu, 5 Jul 2018, Dave wrote:

Display will not wake after Hibernation or Sleep

i am running Deb 9.4 Amd64, bios was just updated to most recent,

the video card is Radeon HD 6850

Kernel is 4.9.0 amd

Please Advise

What happens if, after waking from hibernation, you switch to VT 6?
(Hold down both Ctrl and Alt, and hit F6.)

Do you get a visible login prompt for tty6?

You can pick other VTs if you like -- just replace F6 with F1 for VT
1, F2 for VT 2 etc -- but my understanding is that by default VT 6 is
supposed to be reserved for this sort of thing, and left alone by your
dm. By the way, do you have a dm?

If you do get a visible working tty, then if I were you I would login
and do...

 $ journalctl

...and look near the bottom of the output for anything that looks
interesting. Or, you know, just below the spot where the timestamps
jump from pre-hibernation messages to post-wake up. (You might need to
be either root or a member of some special group to see anything at
all with journalctl, interesting or not.)


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