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Re: XOpenIM errors

On Tue, 3 Jul 2018, Brian Cary wrote:

I'm running a new Debian 9.4 system - I was a longtime Ubuntu user.
I'm trying to figure out why I get these errors when I run a game
dev program called "Godot". Didn't have the problem in Ubuntu, so I
assume it's something different with Debian?  Google and the Godot
community have no idea, so I'm throwing up a "Hail Mary" here. I
totally understand if no one wants to tackle this though.

Here're the error messages, they show up in the terminal when
running the program Godot from there:

0:00:00:0004 - XOpenIM failed
Time: 0:00:00:0004
C Error: XOpenIM failed
C Source: platform/x11/os_x11.cpp:231
C Function: initialize


0:00:00:0085 - XCreateIC couldn't create xic
Time: 0:00:00:0085
C Error: XCreateIC couldn't create xic
C Source: platform/x11/os_x11.cpp:415
C Function: initialize

I have no idea what any of that even means. Thoughts?

According to my (totally imperfect and almost completely useless)
understanding, XOpenIM and XCreateIC are X11 library functions
enabling an application to open an "input method" and create an "input
context", respectively.[a,b]

The purpose of those two abstractions is to permit an X client
application (such as godot) to accept input from an arbitrary
locale. (This is why I ask question 3, below.)

If you want to read more about this sort of thing, maybe you could
start here:

 Xlib - C Language X Interface
 Chapter 13. Locales and Internationalized Text Functions
 Section: Input Methods

1. Is there any unexpected/undesired behavior that accompanies these
warnings? Yes? No? If there is, then tell us what misbehavior is
troubling you.

And if there is not, then I have nothing left to ask (except to
request that you stop afflicting poor john doe with fever-dreams about
imagined references to Apple's OS X and to games that don't exist and
that nobody's trying to play.)

If there still remains any trouble to be shot, then I imagine anyone
capable of that task would like to know at least the answers to:

2. What version of godot have you installed?

3. What is your locale?

  $ locale # What is the output?

Good luck with your project.


a. Apparently an input "context" is related to an input "method" in a
way not unlike the way an X-window is related to an X-display. For
example, a given input "method" may maintain multiple input "contexts"
for an application. Since XOpenIM fails, it does not seem terribly
surprising that XCreateIC fails as well. (Like, if your display didn't
open, then you wouldn't expect to get any windows either.)

b. If you want to read the man pages for these functions locally, you
can install the libx11-doc package.


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