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Re: Help with setting Debian Testinf

On Jul 04, 2018 um 17:32:49, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> "testing" does not have security updates, so you will need to comment
> out all your security lines... if you need security updates, use
> stable.


Thus, there is security support for testing, but in general it cannot be 
expected to be of the same quality as for stable:

  • Updates for testing-security usually get less testing than updates 
    for stable-security.
  • Updates for embargoed issues take longer because the testing 
    security team does not have access to embargoed information.
  • Testing is changing all the time which increases the likelyhood of 
    problems with the build infrastructure. Such problems can delay 
    security updates in testing.

In order to have a secure testing installation, you must run apt-get 
update && apt-get dist-upgrade to update your system on a regular basis 
and have the following in your SourcesList:

  • deb http://security.debian.org testing/updates main contrib non-free
  • deb-src http://security.debian.org testing/updates main contrib non-free

Just my 2¢

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